Receiving Arduino compile error involving ros/duration.h [closed]

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Update: Issue solved by moving row.h include to the top.

I am receiving this compile error from the Arduino IDE while compiling my rosserial pub and sub test using a new message type.

In file included from /Users/brianunderhill/thumper/libraries/ros_lib/ros/time.h:38, from /Users/brianunderhill/thumper/libraries/ros_lib/std_msgs/Time.h:8, from /Users/brianunderhill/thumper/libraries/ros_lib/ros/node_handle.h:38, from /Users/brianunderhill/thumper/libraries/ros_lib/ros.h:38, from RosController.cpp:3: /Users/brianunderhill/thumper/libraries/ros_lib/ros/duration.h:55: error: expected ',' or '...' before numeric constant

I can successfully compile all of the rosserial examples but my test sketch fails as shown.

This is Arduino 1.0 with rosserial Fuerte compiling for a Atmega168.

The header file for my message was generated using the same process used in the rosserial tutorial and was successful.

My previous experience with Arduino is that this type of error is related to some missing bit of configuration and the indicated error is misleading and not the root cause.

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