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Call a service from a file in ROS2

asked 2021-08-18 02:49:44 -0600

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updated 2021-08-18 02:51:34 -0600

Is there any possibility to call a service from a file in ROS2?

I have written a python node with a service which is launched by a file. Within the same launch file I would like to call the service of this node multiple times (with different argument values). Is there any possibility to realize this in ROS2?


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answered 2022-09-04 10:04:35 -0600

This one is pretty straight forward, but took me a non-trivial amount of searching to find for myself. I posted this answer somewhere else recently, but since this question is the top search result, I thought I'd copy it here as well.

from launch.substitutions import FindExecutable
from launch.actions import ExecuteProcess


            " service call ",
            "/namespace/service_to_call ",
            "example_msgs/srv/ExampleMsg ",
            '"{param_1: True, param_2: 0.0}"',

Note the following:

  • ld here is a variable containing an instance of LaunchDescription
  • /namespace/service_to_call is replaced with the service you're looking to call (don't forget any appropriate namespaces) and can be found with ros2 service list
  • example_msgs/srv/ExampleMsg is the message type used by that service, which you can get with ros2 service info /namespace/service_to_call
  • "{param_1: True, param_2: 0.0}" is the dictionary defining the message data. To find the parameters you need to set, you may need to consult the .srv file or documentation.

Don't forget to include the shell=True argument, as the command will fail with a confusing "File not found" error without it.

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