Gazebo and SITL Map/World Synchronization

asked 2021-08-17 18:46:23 -0500


I’ve generated a .tif file of my college and created a world file on gazebo. My goal is to do simple missions with the Software In the Loop and/or Mission Planner, but I’m stuck in a problem that I couldn’t really find a solution.

To illustrate the problem, I’ve positioned the ArduCopter in a location in the Gazebo World that is basically the same one that the Software In The Loop is initializing.

But when I try to send the drone to a direction, like north in SITL, the drone in Gazebo moves towards a different direction. There is something that I can do to handle with it? Any ROS package that help me somehow?

**I could'nt upload some pictures that would help to illustrate the problem.

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