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Uncrustify vendor fails to compile in ROS2_Galactic

asked 2021-08-12 01:37:09 -0500

Dickson gravatar image

Bug report

Required Info:

  • Operating System:
    • Windows 10
  • Installation type:
    • source
  • Version or commit hash:
    • ROS2 Galactic
  • DDS implementation:
    • RTI-Connext
  • Client library :
    • Uncrustify_vendor

Steps to reproduce issue

-colcon build --merge-install --packages-select uncrustify_vendor --event-handlers console_cohesion+ console_direct+

It seems to me that the CMakeLists of uncrustify is having issues. Is the issue on ros_crystal in this thread the same error as i am currently experiencing in ros galactic? If it is, how do i solve this issue?

Performing patch step for 'uncrustify-45b836cff040594994d364ad6fd3f04adc890a26' CUSTOMBUILD : error : patch failed: CMakeLists.txt:440 [C:\dev\ros2_galactic\build\uncrustify_vendor\uncrustify-45b836cff040594994d364ad6fd3f04adc890a26.vcxproj] CUSTOMBUILD : error : CMakeLists.txt: patch does not apply [C:\dev\ros2_galactic\build\uncrustify_vendor\uncrustify-45b836cff040594994d364ad6fd3f04adc890a26.vcxproj]

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-08-12 02:03:50 -0500

Dickson gravatar image

Solved the CMake error by using an older version ROS2 Foxy implementation.

Copy the contents of that github page into


and it should solve the issue.

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