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Getting vslam_tutorial.bag working on Fuerte

asked 2012-07-09 11:21:33 -0500

yglee gravatar image

updated 2012-07-09 11:27:06 -0500

The "vslam_tutorial.bag" provided in this tutorial ( is in Cturtle format. There is a fix suggested (migrating the bag forward) but it doesn't seem to fix it for Fuerte (my version of ROS). Could anyone provide a .bag file I can use in VSLAM running in Fuerte? Or is there a way of migrating the .bag file forward such that it is compatible with Fuerte?

Here is the error message:

yglee@yglee-VirtualBox:~/ros_workspace/VSLAMDIR/vslam_system$ rosbag play --clock ../vslam_tutorial.bag Waiting 0.2 seconds after advertising topics... done.

Hit space to toggle paused, or 's' to step.

"[ERROR] [1341638343.740372455]: Client [/wide_stereo/stereo_vslam_node] wants topic /wide_stereo/left/camera_info to have datatype/md5sum [sensor_msgs/CameraInfo/c9a58c1b0b154e0e6da7578cb991d214], but our version has [sensor_msgs/CameraInfo/1b5cf7f984c229b6141ceb3a955aa18f]. Dropping connection. Thank you!

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HI Willow Garage, Could one of you ( VSLAM team) please provide example .bag files for the vslam on Fuerte? Thanks.

yglee gravatar image yglee  ( 2012-07-10 08:16:30 -0500 )edit

Note the giant red warning box on the VSLAM wikipage; this software is no longer supported in any form. (For example, there hasn't been anything like a "vslam team" in several years).

Mac gravatar image Mac  ( 2012-07-10 08:22:49 -0500 )edit

Ah I see. Then to the general audience: did anyone get VSLAM working on Fuerte? If so, is there an example data file (.bag) you can share?

yglee gravatar image yglee  ( 2012-07-10 08:40:23 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-07-10 06:22:30 -0500

Hordur gravatar image

The CameraInfo message changed a while back. You can run rosbag fix to upgrade the message to the current version. I have used it before to convert old bag files to Diamondback and Electric.

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It doesn't work for Fuerte but thanks for the suggestion (let me know if you got it working for Fuerte).

yglee gravatar image yglee  ( 2012-07-10 08:34:41 -0500 )edit

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