Robot localization[EKF] imu+gnss, mti 670 launch file

asked 2021-07-02 12:48:11 -0500

Felice gravatar image

Hello, i'm trying to write a launch file for robot localization package. since I don't have the sensor at hand I use a rosbag that I launch with

rosbag play --loop *****.bag

There is the first problem, when I launch the package, it appears on the terminal

[ERROR] [1625245130.073702909]: Client [/ekf_se] wants topic /gnss to have datatype/md5sum [nav_msgs/Odometry/cd5e73d190d741a2f92e81eda573aca7], but our version has [sensor_msgs/NavSatFix/2d3a8cd499b9b4a0249fb98fd05cfa48]. Dropping connection.

Why this error, it's for the bag package?

Also / odometry / filtered_final does not publish new messages. If instead I try to move frames in imu link, the display of / odometry / filtered is totally wrong. I don't understand the mistake.

I uploaded my files there, as the display would be totally wrong if I incorporated them




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