I am new to ROS- using noetic in Ubuntu 20.04. How to use pcl_ros/Tutorials/PassThrough filtering

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I am new to ROS- using noetic in Ubuntu 20.04. I got basic understanding on nodes, topics messages etc.

I am trying to use a bag file which has point cloud data ( which I could see from rosrun rviz rviz and selecting pointcloud2 topic). I tried to follow the documentation and tutorial found at http://wiki.ros.org/pcl#:~:text=The%2.... But this seemed for EOL distro only

I tried the tutorial and tried skeleton code at http://wiki.ros.org/pcl/Tutorials (for which build worked), and then tried VoxelGrid to get familiar with filtering in PCL, for which I get error on build from usr/include/pcl_1.10/voxel_grid.h for vtable missing and somebase filter file. I do not understand why this error is happening

Then I found the pcl_ros/Tutorials/PassThrough filtering. This tutorial I could not understand how to implement. https://wiki.ros.org/pcl_ros/Tutorial...

I am now not sure what is the correct way to proceed with the filtering of pointcloud data in bag file.

Please let me know what is the mistake I am committing. Should I use the pcl or pcl_ros?

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Hi! I generally use PCL_ROS to communicate with other nodes about pointclouds. Once I have a pointcloud, I work with the PCL library directly. So to learn about filters, I would start with https://pointclouds.org/documentation... and try to understand the examples, to learn about communicating Pointclouds with other nodes, I would try to follow the explanation here http://wiki.ros.org/pcl_ros.

fabian gravatar image fabian  ( 2021-04-15 09:58:44 -0600 )edit