Odometry in robot pose using IMU+GPS

asked 2021-04-11 11:25:30 -0600

ROS_Master007 gravatar image

I am using microstrain gx5-45 with this ROS driver. The microstrain gives the odometry where the position(x,y) are latitude and longitude values and also gives the GPS fix and imu data. I want to convert the odometry in the robot frame. In order to do this, I collected a Rosbag from the Microstrain with all topics. Now, I am trying to define tf frames to convert the odometry pose to robot frame. I have used the navsat_transform_node but it has not worked. Sometimes it gives transform lookup errors and other times it outputs nothing or just the same odometry as the Microstrain node. Here are my launch files that I have tried using so far.



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