Connect robotic hand URDF to controller in ROS

asked 2021-04-07 10:39:03 -0600

Patrick Vibild gravatar image

Been playing around ROS for some month now, being familiar with the stack but still a universe to explore.

I got a eDO robotic hand from Comau and I am implementing a trash sorting with it.

right now I found a its robotic hand URDF: but its only implemented for a fake controller.

I have tried both modifying files/programming and with moveit setup assistant to make it work.

The major issue is that I can not connect the grasp from the URDF with the real robot. When I check in MoveIt assistant I get the next links. image description

this links doesnt exist per se in the robot. I got a edo_link_7 that is declaring if the gripper is open or closed in my controller. (here the repository for the controller:

All I want to achieve right now, is been able to visualize in rviz the robot with the grasper so I can use the moveit_commander to pick up objects.

Its a big task (or ambiguous) but would help if somebody could throw me some help how to connect the urdf to the real node (in high level, not expecting any full coded solution). The robot have a topic where I can tell the grasper to open or close. So I am not sure if I am missing a ros controller ( so I can detect when moveit want to open or close the hand and send that message through a topic. Position of the hand is not important, all I want to achieve is close or open the hand.

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