rosbridge to show the robot data on remote website

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Hi All,

We have a website and a aws server to provide the data to the website. The robot is running on Jestson Nano and ROS is running on it. We want to show the MAP data of the robot in the website. I have seen lot of tutorials in ROSBRIDGE but all of them are on localhost. I dont know how to get this data over the internet to the website. I completely new to this kind of networking. I don't know what to give in place of ip in the below code line.

var newURL = "ws://" + ip + ":9090";

I am reffering to this question

Thanks for any help or hints.

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Hello, The solution is not as simple as "enter the right IP" (eg. AWS WS need auth ...). You can fin something not similar but with some usefull stuff here : .

If your need is just to set up a Proof Of Concept I would suggest to upload you map.pgm file to your aws as on this blog post.

luchko gravatar image luchko  ( 2021-03-25 08:09:01 -0600 )edit