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How to view lidar in odom frame

asked 2021-02-17 02:10:49 -0500

Gherkins gravatar image

I'm using a livox horizon and I can view the lidar data in the base_link frame, but when I switch to the odom frame I get an error in rviz that the message is too old. When I check it in rqt I see that the lidar has a timestamp of 2000 seconds and the other sensors have a timestamp of 1613549391. The lidar is connected with a utp cable.

How do I transform it so it's viewable in the odom frame?

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-06-08 00:46:48 -0500

Enjoy_Robotics gravatar image

updated 2023-06-08 00:47:57 -0500

Hello, The issue is the timestamp of Livox Lidar. You can use the following commands to synchronize the time stamp of Livox with ROS

$ sudo apt install ptpd

$ sudo ptpd -M -i "your network adaper name" -C

For example: sudo ptpd -M -i enp8s0 -C

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