Intel T265 Odometry Help

asked 2021-02-16 22:12:18 -0600

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Hi ROS Answers,

Looking for some advice on RViz and building maps with the RPLiDAR A1M8/Intel T265 for odometry.

I've mimicked James Bruton's tracking module, but can't get the transforms working properly, despite using the same ones as he does on his supplied github:

As you can see below, here is what should happen when the module is moved by hand:

You can clearly see the camera_odom_frame is linked stationary to the map frame, and does not move when the camera moves.

Despite using the same set-up, here's what happens with mine:

The camera_odom_frame is not fixed to the map, despite using the same three transforms and the same hardware. It jumps around as the camera moves in space, creating bad maps.

Can anyone with experience with this camera give advice on what transforms to add or change, or if there are settings in the packages that I have overlooked (rplidar_ros, gmapping, realsense2_camera).

I can provide rqt tf trees and code if needed!

Thank you!

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