Local costmap for tall robot

asked 2021-01-29 00:43:56 -0600

Prince Pereira gravatar image

Hi does anyone have advice on what sensor i should use for object avoidance if my robot is like 1.8meters tall with dimensions of 80cm by 65cm. Im planning to use one 180° laser scan using an rplidar s1 on the bottom for any objects at the base area and im using velodyne on top 1.8meters for mapping and localization using rtabmap

I would still need a full frontal sensor in case of any obstacles such as a queue divider or tables that my rplidar will only see the legs. I was thinking of using leddartech pixell at around stomach height of the robot so it will be able to see the tables around that height and the queue dividers but im new to ros and i dont see any drivers online that help convert leddartech pixell to pointcloud2. I am only able to use velodyne vlp16 and rplidar as there are already packages for them

Anyone could help out? Or maybe suggest a sensor with the certain usecase i have in mind?

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