gain control from remote vehicle [closed]

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Hi, I need gain control from a remote vehicle(153.21.1 for example), here is my config on launch file:

<node pkg="rostopic" type="rostopic" name="ocu_commands" args="pub -r 1 /ocu_cmd fkie_iop_msgs/OcuCmd '{cmds: [{address: {subsystem_id: 15, node_id: 21, component_id: 1}, name: 'DefaultRobotName', ocu_client: {subsystem_id: 15, node_id: 1, component_id: 200}, authority: 200, access_control: 12}]}'" respawn="true" output="log"/>

But Slave.cpp didn't send ACCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST to the vehicle, is there anything wrong with this configuration? Thanks

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