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Need help with VESC ROS

asked 2021-01-14 20:02:10 -0500

Jacob217 gravatar image

So basically, I am new to VESC and I am having difficulty with understanding on how to use the VESC package. I do not really get on where I have to set my parameters (eg. current) and what parameters are really required for the motor to work. Currently, I've made a publisher node which sets the duty_cycle value but the motor still does not run and when I run rostopic echo /commands/motor/duty_cycle, the duty_cycle value is 0. I already have configured the vesc using the vesc tool. so basically, i want to know what configurations i must do for the vesc to work with ros I will appreciate any help and I am willing to clarify myself if need be. Thanks in advance.


My fw is 5.1. The package I am using is i have connected the vesc using the USB port.

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answered 2023-02-15 17:58:03 -0500

fluzo gravatar image

Since vesc 6 there is an option called packages, it's quite easy to create your custom package in Lisp, directly from the terminal on vesc-tool. One possible way to run a command to turn the motor like Foc_openloop 10 500, that way you will know the rotor position, and then the actual duty cycle of your motor, refering to "I run rostopic echo /commands/motor/duty_cycle, the duty_cycle value is 0" you can run the command foc_open loop 10 500 so you will have the info to do the configuration.

Check the ROS node: Ensure that you have set up the ROS node correctly and that you are publishing the duty cycle to the correct topic. You can use the rostopic list command to see a list of available topics and make sure that you are publishing to the correct topic.

Check the motor driver: Check if you have installed the appropriate motor driver packages in ROS. Depending on the motor you are using, you may need to install additional packages to communicate with the VESC. there is a few controllers here: with a preloaded list packages that it may help with your project, even it's quite old and lately ther is other ways to do the same in LISP

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