Need help with VESC ROS

asked 2021-01-14 20:02:10 -0600

Jacob217 gravatar image

So basically, I am new to VESC and I am having difficulty with understanding on how to use the VESC package. I do not really get on where I have to set my parameters (eg. current) and what parameters are really required for the motor to work. Currently, I've made a publisher node which sets the duty_cycle value but the motor still does not run and when I run rostopic echo /commands/motor/duty_cycle, the duty_cycle value is 0. I already have configured the vesc using the vesc tool. so basically, i want to know what configurations i must do for the vesc to work with ros I will appreciate any help and I am willing to clarify myself if need be. Thanks in advance.


My fw is 5.1. The package I am using is i have connected the vesc using the USB port.

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