ROS melodic [rqt_graph] not working; nothing happens; no window

asked 2020-11-23 21:32:02 -0500

Ashkr gravatar image

Hi, I am running ROS melodic on iMX6Q board with Linux bionic-xfce 4.14. when I run 'rqt_graph', nothing happens, no visual window gets opened to see the graph. I tried 'rqt_gui' as well but same status. How can I test it whether it is properly setup on ARM board?

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Could any body please suggest some trial solutions. Should I need to install more plugins or something to support to run 'rqt_graph' or 'rviz' smoothly on iMX6 SBC? Please help!

Ashkr gravatar image Ashkr  ( 2020-11-29 20:00:47 -0500 )edit