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ROS2 How to uninstall/remove a package ?

asked 2020-10-25 11:15:24 -0600

Mackou gravatar image

Hello, I would like to know how to remove cleanly a package from ROS2.

I have installed from source the package ros2-lgsvl-bridge and now I would like to remove it from my ros environment. How do I do it ?

In ROS1 I would source ROS again, rebuild my packages and it would be done ! But here in ROS2 Dashing even when sourcing ROS2 again I still have this package in those env variables : COLCON_PREFIX_PATH, AMENT_PREFIX_PATH, CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.

How do I remove this package cleanly without starting a new bash session ?

Thanks !

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-10-21 22:40:41 -0600

PointCloud gravatar image

updated 2022-10-21 22:49:42 -0600

remove the package directory (here from ros2_ws directory as being the working directory):

rm -rf src/<package_name>

Then remove the build, install and log directory

rm -rf build/ install/ log/

and rebuild the environment, as usual (full colcon build)

colcon build
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