Invalid <param> tag: Cannot load command parameter [robot_description]: ...

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Hi all! I am following the following workshop:

I have managed to get it to work correctly on ubuntu 16.04 and ros kinetic in a virtual machine (for which I am sure the codes work). Then, I have made a new installation (not in a virtual machine - with the same software versions) taking care not to have any errors, and when trying to execute a roslaunch I get the following error:

jl@jl:~$ roslaunch iri_ana_gazebo sim_sample.launch world_name:=brl_text rviz:=true ... logging to /home/jl/.ros/log/ac88f920-e985-11ea-99c8-40b0769e0577/roslaunch-jl-12948.log Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile. Press Ctrl-C to interrupt Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB. Undefined substitution argument add_plug None when instantiating macro: sensor_d435 (/opt/ros/kinetic/share/realsense2_description/urdf/_d435.urdf.xacro) instantiated from: realsense_d435_depth (/home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_realsense_depth_description/urdf/realsense_d435.xacro) instantiated from: sensors (/home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_ana_description/urdf/include/sensors.xacro) in file: /home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_ana_description/urdf/ana.xacro while processing /home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_ana_gazebo/launch/spawn.launch: while processing /home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_ana_description/launch/description.launch: Invalid tag: Cannot load command parameter [robot_description]: command [/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/xacro/xacro --inorder '/home/jl/summer_school/catkin_ws/src/iri_ana_description/urdf/ana.xacro' name:=ana] returned with code [2]. Param xml is The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

I have been thinking about it for a while, I have found in some posts that the problem may come from --inorder, I have tried to replace it with -i, or remove it with no effect in both cases. I have manually checked for the required files, they are all in their corresponding places

If someone could give me some idea of how to solve the problem, or with what else to continue investigating, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Hi, I came across your question after running into the same problem myself. Were you able to resolve the issue? I plan to try defining an xacro arg with default value false. Some googling shows that "add_plug" was an argument added to the sensor_d435 macro in the realsense2_description repo about a month ago. For you, it might be that defining this xacro arg in the file that instantiates the sensor might solve your issue too. This file seems to be "realsense_d435.xacro" based on the log you posted.

bshah gravatar image bshah  ( 2020-08-31 20:50:24 -0500 )edit