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Rosbag file location

asked 2020-08-21 05:33:01 -0500

MrRivi gravatar image


I would like to know where are rosbags saved to access them through my file explorer (if that is possible).

Thank you!

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answered 2020-08-21 05:54:02 -0500

MrRivi gravatar image

updated 2020-08-21 05:54:57 -0500

Hi, I found the answer here:

So it's necessary to create a directory to store the bag files: mkdir ~/bagfiles

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it's necessary to create a directory to store the bag files

Not really, when you record a bag file it will be stored at the same location as you were when doing rosbag record, the tutorial tells you to create the folder bagfile and then go to this new directory to have your bagfile at this location. If you are not in the folder bagfiles when issuing rosbag record, it won't be stored there.

You can use the argument -o to add a prefix to the bagfile name, if you specify an absolute path from then you can choose the location :

rosbag record -a -o $HOME/bagfiles/

This command will save your bagfile in your ~/bagfiles folder regardless of which directory you are currently in.

Delb gravatar image Delb  ( 2020-08-21 07:05:22 -0500 )edit

Perfect! Now I understand.

MrRivi gravatar image MrRivi  ( 2020-08-23 03:04:49 -0500 )edit

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