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Catkin Tools create Test without running them

asked 2020-08-10 10:04:23 -0500

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updated 2020-08-10 12:10:11 -0500


is it possible to create just tests with catkin tools instead of creating AND running them?

for example

-catkin build --this
-cd /catkin_ws
-source setup/devel.bash
-rostest <pkg> <test> //error

will faill.


- catkin build  --this --catkin-make-args run_tests //is there a make_test tests? Since this also executes the tests, what i dont want
-cd /catkin_ws
-source setup/devel.bash
-rostest <pkg> <test> //now works, but test already run before..

will build AND rund them.

I need this for a ci pipeline

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answered 2020-12-16 10:49:05 -0500

rapit gravatar image

You can use the target tests to only build the tests and not run them:

catkin build --this --catkin-make-args tests

I couldn't find it in any catkin_tools related documentation, just tested some targets and this seems to work.

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