Handle constraints before or during IK

asked 2020-07-31 03:02:50 -0600

bgraysea gravatar image

Could / should the below constraints be handled before or during the IK calculation call? If they can be handled during the IK calculation; I assume support may vary across different IK implementations. Pointers on which parameters could be set to control them would be fantastic.

1.) Robot has an arm consisting of two prismatic joints; the 2nd joint must be fully extended before the 1st joint extends This feels like it has to be handled within the IK calculation call ... since its part of the joint position solution.

2.) The end effector must move in a straight line between point A & B I could interpolate the path from A to B and call the IK calculation for each way-point to achieve as straight a line as I want; but perhaps its more efficient to get the IK solver to handle this along with the other constraints?

3.) Over the course of the straight line path the end effector must have a certain acceleration, constant speed & de-acceleration Same as above I think; in as much as it could be handled before the IK calculation; but perhaps would be more efficient to handle within the IK solver?

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