Goal passing and obstacle events issues with move_basic

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Hello. I’m developing a software for a robot that has to move in a straight line using predefined maps and QR codes (robot scans a QR code and finds out where the next code is). Because of that we use the move_basic package (only straight line moving). Also the robot uses data from encoders and IMU, filters it with robot_localization package and sends it to the move_basic. Then the data from the move_basic is processed and used to control a driver for our wheels.

Note : we don’t use the move-base package, because at some point of development, we had to create our own global planner package.

At the testing stage we encountered some problems with the robot :

1) As the move_basic demands in order to stop the robot at obstacle detection event we publish a message about obstacles from our IR and US sensor to the /sonar topic (as it should be for the package). But /obstacle_distance topic sends unchanged (constant) data despite of changing data from the sensors, the robot doesn’t stop. Is this a problem with the package and how to patch this?

2) We know that odometry is fully correct, but even so the robot constantly passes the mark by some centimeters (3-4 cm, 6 cm and even 20 cm). It’s interesting that we can clearly see that the sensors register the passage (for example, we set a goal in 50 cm, but the robot fully stops at 54 cm and the data from the encoders and other sensors also says that). Which package can cause it and how can this problem be solved?

What we tried so far : move-base (with DWA local planner), move-basic.

What we wanted to try : ASR local planner (this planner is not what we need, because it can’t provide straight-line movement)

If it’s possible, that would be great to deal with the problems with proper configuration of the packages we already use (preferable way, because now we have almost everything done). But if not, can you suggest some packages that can solve the problems we’ve encountered?

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You have a lot of separate questions here, but no data or configurations to aid anyone who could help. The questions you are asking are also unrelated; it might be a good idea to ask separate questions. Include configuration files, videos, etc. I also removed the robot_localization tag, as I'm not sure that your question applies to it. If you have a specific question about that, please ask it in a new question.

Tom Moore gravatar image Tom Moore  ( 2020-08-31 03:55:43 -0500 )edit