Real-time manipulator teleoperation with ROS [closed]

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Good morning,

I am a beginner using ROS and I want to build a system to have Real-Time control of the positions of the end effector of a robotic manipulator UR5: given that I want to use it for teleoperation, I don't need trajectory planning, because I will give the positions to the manipulator for each iteration. How can this result be achieved in ROS? If I understood well, I should I use ROS2, but it's not really clear why: using a pub-sub structure in ROS 2 will be enough to ensure the real-time, or which tools should I use?


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I'm closing this as I believe this is a duplicate of at least the following Q&As: #q344966, #q340183 and #q325017.

If those somehow do not address your question sufficiently, please comment here to clarify and we can see whether we need to re-open.

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