PCD map transforming to GPS coordinate frame

asked 2020-05-12 06:37:55 -0500

gnykumar@gmail.com gravatar image


I am working on autoware lidar map creation using ndt_mapping and approximat_ndt but when I create using this, map will starts from -trans (0,0,0) -orie (0,0,0). But when I want to use this map with gps pose also, I need to transform entire map to gps -tran and -orie.

I seen that autoware sample_moriyama data is in gps coordinates and also with rgb in lidar.

I tried using constant transforming pointcloud pcd using pcl transform but I can only transform to right translation, orientation is not aligning and map shifts totally to different direction.

I would like know how autoware pcd map (sample_moriyama data) is created with gps coordinate.

Is there any way to fix this orientation issue automatically.

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