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Installing python-rosdep manually is required to follow the official instruction on Ubuntu 18.04?

asked 2020-03-23 06:16:02 -0600

tiryoh gravatar image

updated 2020-03-24 12:32:57 -0600

According to this change (, it seems like python-rosdep is not required by ros-melodic-rospack and not installed by just executing apt install ros-melodic-ros-base.

Is it necessary to manually install python-rosdep when installing ROS on a new computer to follow the official instruction?

I wrote a detailed log on this issue (

If there is a better place to write an issue about this problem, please direct me.

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I've also came across this bug because my CI testing for melodic is now failing, the official install instructions are now broken.

IanCol gravatar image IanCol  ( 2020-03-23 12:43:03 -0600 )edit

I have reported the details on this issue.

tiryoh gravatar image tiryoh  ( 2020-03-24 20:59:17 -0600 )edit

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answered 2020-03-27 05:28:27 -0600

tiryoh gravatar image

rosdep has been an optional package. Executing apt install python-rosdep is required from now on.

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