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Autoware built with CUDA support: 60 packages had stderr output

asked 2020-03-12 09:46:39 -0500

omkard gravatar image

updated 2020-03-12 16:56:52 -0500


I am installing Autoware 1.13.0 using the source code. I have ROS melodic installed on Ubuntu 18.04.4 with CUDA 10.0 and gcc 6.5. I have NVIDIA GTX 10 series with 4GB.

After setting up everything, I have built the autoware with CUDA support and I got the following after the build finished.

Please help me what this means.

Summary: 164 packages finished [22min 27s]

60 packages had stderr output: adi_driver astar_search autoware_camera_lidar_calibrator autoware_connector autoware_driveworks_gmsl_interface autoware_driveworks_interface autoware_health_checker autoware_pointgrey_drivers citysim costmap_generator data_preprocessor decision_maker dp_planner imm_ukf_pda_track kitti_player kvaser lane_planner lanelet2_core lanelet2_examples lanelet2_extension lanelet2_io lanelet2_projection lanelet2_python lanelet2_routing lanelet2_traffic_rules lanelet2_validation lanelet_aisan_converter libwaypoint_follower lidar_apollo_cnn_seg_detect lidar_euclidean_cluster_detect lidar_localizer lidar_point_pillars lidar_shape_estimation map_file microstrain_driver mpc_follower mqtt_socket ndt_cpu ndt_gpu object_map op_ros_helpers op_simulation_package op_utilities pcl_omp_registration pixel_cloud_fusion points_downsampler points_preprocessor qpoases_vendor range_vision_fusion road_occupancy_processor sick_ldmrs_tools trafficlight_recognizer vector_map_server vision_darknet_detect vision_segment_enet_detect vision_ssd_detect vlg22c_cam way_planner waypoint_maker waypoint_planner


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answered 2020-03-12 17:03:34 -0500

Josh Whitley gravatar image

@dynamicsoorya This is expected. Many of the packages have stderr output but, as long as they compile to completion, it's not really an issue. If any of them failed, you would see "Summary: X packages finished [time]; Y packages failed; Z packages skipped."

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I did not get any packages as failed. I think I am good then.

Thank you, Josh.

omkard gravatar image omkard  ( 2020-03-12 17:06:00 -0500 )edit

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