Rosdep Error [install turtlesim] Linux Mint 12 [closed]

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I am aware of the previous errors and subsequent patch that was made. I verified that my build of Mint already contains the patch. However, running Rosdep Install turtlesim yields the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/bin/rosdep", line 35, in <module>
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/tools/rosdep/src/rosdep/", line 126, in main
    r = core.Rosdep(verified_packages, robust=options.robust)
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/tools/rosdep/src/rosdep/", line 343, in __init__
    self.osi = roslib.os_detect.OSDetect(os_list)
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/core/roslib/src/roslib/", line 535, in __init__
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/core/roslib/src/roslib/", line 554, in detect_os
    self._os_version = os_class.get_version()
  File "/opt/ros/electric/ros/tools/rosdep/src/rosdep/", line 133, in get_version
    return self.version_map[self.mint_detector.get_version()]
KeyError: '12'
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