Iterative execution of two nodes at different rates

asked 2019-12-13 00:30:51 -0500

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Hi all,

I want to execute two nodes in the same process, each one configured with its own rate. I don't want to use timers, as I want a graceful degradation if the work to do in each cycle is longer than expected. I got it using the next code, but I feel that it is quite weird. I am using an executor only to wait. Any better solution?

   Component::Component(const std::string & id, float rate)
   : rclcpp_lifecycle::LifecycleNode(id), rate_(rate)
   { }

      while (rclcpp::ok()) {
        if (this->get_current_state().id() == State::PRIMARY_STATE_ACTIVE)
          // Do some work


int main(int argc, char ** argv)
  rclcpp::init(argc, argv);
  rclcpp::executors::SingleThreadedExecutor executor;

  auto component_1 = std::make_shared<Component>("component_1", 1);
  auto component_2 = std::make_shared<Component>("component_2", 2);

  std::thread{std::bind(&Component::execute, component_1)}.detach();
  std::thread{std::bind(&Component::execute, component_2)}.detach();


  return 0;

Best, Francisco

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