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Custom Action Messages in ROSSerial Arduino

asked 2019-11-20 19:30:11 -0500

mhyde64 gravatar image

I am trying to run an action server on my arduino to control 4 stepper motors. I started by creating my motorpose.action file:

#goal definition - 4 angles to be sent to arduino
float32 baseAngle
float32 mainAngle
float32 secAngle
float32 toolAngle
#result definition - State of motion
bool motionComplete
#feedback definition - Current steps for each robot
int32 baseCS
int32 mainCS
int32 secCS
int32 toolCS

After compiling, I have no issues loading my msgs into Python and CPP files. All of the messages are generated in the catkin_ws/devel/include and catkin_ws/devel/share directories. They also appear when I call rosmsg list.

However, after following the tutorial for loading my ros_lib into my arduino libraries at

rosrun rosserial_client path_to_libraries your_message_package

In my specific case I run:

rosrun rosserial_client ~/Documents/Arduino/Arduino/libraries motor_control

I have also tried

rosserial_python ...

In all cases I will get a ros_lib directory with all ROS headers and even messages from other packages but not the motorpose Action Headers that I just generated.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-11-21 18:20:51 -0500

duck-development gravatar image

Hat is the Outputs of

rosrun rosserial_client path_to_libraries your_message_package

As Iread here There is no Support for Action
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Thank you. I'll have to explore compiling C code from the workspace to the arduino.

mhyde64 gravatar image mhyde64  ( 2019-11-21 21:32:33 -0500 )edit

If you have some like an cortex m3 or bigger you may try ros bridge

duck-development gravatar image duck-development  ( 2019-11-22 01:20:27 -0500 )edit

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