Can't read custom message after updating Matlab

asked 2019-11-17 17:16:46 -0500

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Recently updated Matlab from 2019a to 2019b. Had to remove 2019a before updating due to limited disk space.

I'm currently working on something that involves messages of the type "vicon_tools/ros_object_array ", which I had to create a custom message for using "ROS Toolbox Interface for ROS Custom Messages" and the "rosgenmsg" function. This worked flawlessly in 19a. However, after upgrading to 19b, something is not working. When I try to echo the topic in the command window (works fine in terminal) I get the following error message:

Expected msg to be one of these types:


Instead its type was double.

Creating a subscriber to the topic and looking at the subscriber variable shows five properties:


, but their value fields are all empty, which they shouldn't be. My colleague, who runs 2019b, doesn't have this issue. I have tried re-installing Matlab but that didn't help.

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Did you re-create your custom message in R2019b? Or were you reusing it from the R2019a definition stored in the MATLAB preferences?

A.G. gravatar image A.G.  ( 2019-11-18 12:04:34 -0500 )edit

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Initially I think I was reusing the old R2019a definition (not sure where to find that in my preferences though). However at one time I uninstalled R2019b, removed pretty much anything Matlab, and tried to re-install 2019b as well as recreating the the custom message. But I still get the same error message. Maybe I didn't completely remove the old definition?

not_pROS gravatar image not_pROS  ( 2019-11-21 03:18:54 -0500 )edit