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How to get distance from detected objects in autoware [closed]

asked 2019-11-04 03:10:34 -0500

tiensu gravatar image

updated 2019-11-04 03:43:33 -0500

Hi all!

When I use Yolo3 algorithm in Autoware with LGSVL simulation, it can detect objects and display on RViz (ImageViewePlugin) through topic /detection/image_detector/objects

How can I get distance from LGSVL simulator to detected objects and display them on RViz?

I checked the following nodes on Autoware:

  • lidar_euclidean_cluster_detect
  • range_fusion
  • imm_ukf_pda_track
  • naive_motion_predict
  • costmap_generator
  • astar_avoid
  • pure_pursuit
  • twist_filter

but it does not get the distance.

My environment:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Autoware (docker) 1.12.0 melodic.

Thank you very much!

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-11-13 02:43:20 -0500

tiensu gravatar image

I could get and display distance on Rviz.

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Can you please tell, how did you get it displayed on RViz?

ShyamGanatra gravatar image ShyamGanatra  ( 2021-08-27 00:22:08 -0500 )edit

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