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How to install only execution dependencies?

asked 2019-10-25 11:39:46 -0500

Nicolas gravatar image

Hello, in package.xml, it is possible to define execution dependencies. These are the dependencies I would want to install, if I deploy an install space. How do I install only execution (or build/test/documentation) dependencies? Both rosdep and rospack do not seem to support this, see . Best Regards!

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answered 2019-10-26 04:25:15 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2019-10-26 04:30:07 -0500

I don't believe this is currently supported. As you already found, get_rosdeps(..) combines all dependencies into a single set (here):

deps = pkg.build_depends + pkg.buildtool_depends + pkg.run_depends + pkg.test_depends

There is already an open issue about this: ros-infrastructure/rosdep#587.

Getting this supported does not seem like it would be too difficult. It would make a great (first) pull request to ros-infrastructure/rosdep.

A workaround used by the author of that issue:

Currently, I've made a workaround solution which temporarily removes the irrelevant lines from the package.xml with a sed command and then runs the rosdep command.

This is really only just a workaround. Adding proper support to rosdep for this would be very much preferred.

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