How to config Autoware 1.12.0 to avoid obstacles? [closed]

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Hi everyone!

I am working with Autoware 1.12.0 and LGSVL Simulator 2019.09.

I used YOLOv3 to detect objects in images sent from LGSVL Simulator successfully.

How can I config on Autoware to control LGSVL Simulator avoid obstacles such as car, pedestrian, ...

I found some guides on Youtube, but it's not for Autoware 1.12.0. I didn't find similar configurations on Autoware 1.12.0.

If you have experience with that, please share it with me!

Thank you very much!

Additional informations :

I only need to know in case there are other vehicles/pedestrian/bicycles in the lane, how to configure on Autoware to

control LGSVL simulator stops and when other vehicles are gone, the LGSVL simulator will resume the velocity.

Which are nodes necessary?

Please help me if you know anything?

Thank you very much!

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I've put your "answer" in your original question. You shouldn't answer a question with another one. Instead you can edit the original question to add informations.

Delb gravatar image Delb  ( 2019-10-30 05:59:16 -0600 )edit

Thank you!

tiensu gravatar image tiensu  ( 2019-10-30 22:49:24 -0600 )edit