ERROR: Service [/duckiebutt/inverse_kinematics_node/set_trim] is not available.

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Hey I'm following to get my duckiebutt (duckiebot) go straight, but it's not working. Is there any other ways to adjust my wheels?

"If the Duckiebot drifted by less than 10 centimeters you can stop calibrating the trim parameter. A drift of 10 centimeters in a 2 meters run is good enough for Duckietown. If the Duckiebot drifted by more than 10

centimeters, continue with the next step.

If the Duckiebot drifted to the left side of the tape, decrease the value of r

, by running, for example:

$ rosservice call /DUCKIEBOT_NAME/inverse_kinematics_node/set_trim -- -0.1"

 student@robot-teaching-lab15:~$ rosservice call /duckiebutt/inverse_kinematics_node/set_trim -- -0.1
ERROR: Service [/duckiebutt/inverse_kinematics_node/set_trim] is not available.
student@robot-teaching-lab15:~$ rosservice list

/rosout/set_logger_level student@robot-teaching-lab15:~$

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