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demo data of Autoware

asked 2019-09-07 21:04:00 -0600

BrightBulb89 gravatar image

updated 2019-09-07 21:05:44 -0600

Hi! I got a question with the demo data. I downloaded sample_moriyama_data.tar.gz from the link provided on the documentation of Autoware and unziped it. I got four subdirectories which are calibration, map, path, and tf. I don't know what the data involved in the file named moriyama_path.txt under path subdirectory means and how the file generated. Another problem is about tf.launch under tf subdirectory. Where is tf package? Last problem is that since there are two files with similar contents under calibration subdirectory which are camera_lidar_3d.yaml and nic-150407.yml, In what cases should each file be used? The third file under it is camera_lidar_3d.yaml=back. What is this file used for? I just know that sometimes launch file would read .yaml file into it as parameters if launch file need to define many parameters.

Other than the questions above, Could you also tell me how to produce vector map(.csv file) if I have .bag file with lidar data in it or point cloud data with an extension of .pcd? I can use .bag file to generate point cloud file(.pcd) now.

I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could help me answer these questions.

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answered 2019-09-11 01:38:35 -0600

Yamato Ando gravatar image


  1. about moriyama_path.txt

    This file contains the path and speed that should be followed. The format is (position.x [m], position.y [m], position.z [m], velocity [km/h] ). This is the oldest format supported by Autoware.

    A new format is now used, but it can be generated using waypoint_saver.

  2. about tf

    tf package is installed by default when ROS is installed.

  3. about camera_lidar_calib files

    Please use nic-150407.yml because it is the parameter that calibrated best. The other two are previously used parameters.

    I deleted them from the data set that was downloaded.

  4. about vector map

    If you have a PCD file, you can create an HDMap with Vector Map Builder. It's very hard work because it's manual work, but please try it.

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