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  1. about moriyama_path.txt

    This file contains the path and speed that should be followed. The format is (position.x [m], position.y [m], position.z [m], velocity [km/h] ). This is the oldest format supported by Autoware.

    A new format is now used, but it can be generated using waypoint_saver.

  2. about tf

    tf package is installed by default when ROS is installed.

  3. about camera_lidar_calib files

    Please use nic-150407.yml because it is the parameter that calibrated best. The other two are previously used parameters.

    I deleted them from the data set that was downloaded.

  4. about vector map

    If you have a PCD file, you can create an HDMap with Vector Map Builder. It's very hard work because it's manual work, but please try it.