Running viso2_ros with Kitti bag file

asked 2019-08-31 17:25:21 -0500

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I want to use viso2_ros package with kitti bagfile. I run the bag file with :

rosbag play ~/Téléchargements/test.bag

Then I run the following launch file :


  <arg name="camera" default="/stereo_forward/left/image_raw"/>
  <param name ="/use_sim_time" value="true"/>
  <!-- Run the stereo image proc -->
  <node ns="$(arg camera)" pkg="image_proc" type="image_proc" name="image_proc" />

  <!-- Viso2 -->
  <node pkg="viso2_ros" type="mono_odometer" name="mono_odometer">
    <remap from="image" to="$(arg camera)/image_rect"/>
    <param name="base_link_frame_id" value="$(arg camera)"/>



After running, this launch file, I run the command :

 rostopic  echo /mono_odometer/pose

I have received the following message :

WARNING: no messages received and simulated time is active.
Is /clock being published?

What should I do ?


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