Native C++ with ROS on Android?

asked 2019-08-02 05:26:46 -0500

iliis gravatar image

I'd like to run our existing ROS nodes on Android. This is all C++ code, and I've got the non-ROS parts working with the Android NDK already. However, using native ROS on Android doesn't seem very straightforward. I've found, but this is for ROS Hydro and NDK r9!

Any suggestions on running ROS Melodic (or later) with NDK r20? Do I really have to cross-compile the full ROS core myself, including all the dependencies? This is quite a bit of work. It includes cross-compiling python 2 for Android which isn't trivial itself. I was hoping to find something precompiled or at least pre-configured...

I don't think it makes sense to use rosjava, as then we would basically have to rewrite all our ROS code, no?

Might it make sense to migrate to ROS 2?

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