Is it possible? Having a rosbag running in my ROS and getting the values of the topics used in Simulink Robot System Toolbox?

asked 2019-08-01 15:35:24 -0500

Stefan Kubica gravatar image

The connection between Simulink Robot System Toolbox-items and my local running ROS (not running in Matlab, I mean a separate ROS-Instance in my Linunx-Machine)is working good. I can create Nodes in Simulink and can get them generated and running in my ROS-Instance.

But the question is, if i can have a rosbag running in a loop in my ROS-Instance, is it than possible to get the stored information also used in my simulink model? Until now I can select the several Topics, which come from the rosbag, in the Subscriber-Block in Simulink. But if I want to display the values when the model is running (and also the rosbag is running), I receive just 0-values.

Thanks a lot! Best wishes Stefan

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