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For Stereo Vision purposes, I am trying to connect to my FLIR Blackfly PGE 23S6C-C camera under Ubuntu Mate 18.04/ROS melodic with the SDKs provided by FLIR (Flycapture2 and Spinnaker) but none of them is detecting it.

The IP addresses of the ethernet adapter and the camera have to be in the same subnet - but flycapture should detect the device even if they are not.

In Windows 10 on the same machine, everything works fine. Flycapture2 detects the camera and I can set specific static IP addresses with the GigE Configurator (which is not available on Ubuntu). These addresses are changing when booting Ubuntu - is there a way to keep them the same when changing from Windows to Ubuntu?

I changed the MTU of the ethernet interface from 1500 to 9000.

According to the FLIR documentation, Blackfly cameras are using native Ubuntu drivers.

I would appreciate any help!

Thanks & regards

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