Client datatype/md5sum error. client wants topic /A but our version has /B.

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updated 2019-07-29 01:09:55 -0500

I'm trying to execute 2D map based navigation using the Gazebo simulator for Clearpath Jackal robot.

Im using a differet map server which helps me to load multiple maps at a time through user input. When I execute navigation, I get datatype/md5sum error. I understand that it is due to the mismatch of the topics in message types and the communication that's happeing between the client and what version I have.

An example of the error enippet is given below.

Client [/level_selector] wants topic /map_metadata to have datatype/md5sum [multi_level_map_msgs/MultiLevelMapData/39402ce2a58e2634a68644e43995cbff], but our version has [nav_msgs/MapMetaData/10cfc8a2818024d3248802c00c95f11b]. Dropping connection.

Although it looks self explinatory, I wanted to have a better understanding of this. Generally should the topic name be chanegd ? or does it have to do with any datatype being used?

Thank you.

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