ROS Stage and RVIZ for Navigation --- incompatibilities

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Hello everyone, I'm currently working on getting the ROS-NAV-STACK to run on a given track with a carlike robot. For this I would like to use the simulation environment Ros Stage. Currently it works that I give the robot a goal via RVIZ, the Teb-Local-Planner calculates the appropriate path and the carlike robot follows this goal until it has reached it.

But there are still two problems:

1) The size of the map in the stage environment corresponds to the dimensions in reality, but the scaling in the RVIZ environment does not correspond to it. Both the global map and the costmaps are displayed too small (both of them in RVIZ). The laser scan from the stage environment is recognized, because the scaling of the whole map is different, the borders of the map are recognized wrongly and too late and it also comes to an error in the localization, because by the scaling differences the characteristic and the size of the wall is different.

2) The range of the laser scanners in the stage environment cannot be changed, the sensor is a 360° laser scanner which in reality has a higher range, the adjustment in the regarding the sensor (range_max / range_min) showed no change in the stage environment and in the RVIZ visualization.

The used map was created with gmapping and the corresponding resolution and size of the map was passed via the necessary parameters.

If anyone has experience with any of the problems, I would be very grateful for any advice.

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