hector_slam and navigation stack

asked 2019-07-04 05:51:55 -0600

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I drive around a robot by joystick and record a bagfile, after I recorded the bagfile I start hector_slam (which starts hector_mapping) to create a geotiff map of the environment (this works fine). Now I want to use this map to give the robot a goal in rviz and it should find the way to the goal by itself (this does not work at all). How can I get the navigation stack working with my map created from the bagfile and hector_slam? I don't have nav_msgs/Odometry or Odometry information via tf. I can nor attached the view_frames, the rqt_graph or the bagfile because I don't have enough points. I read and did the tutorials regarding tf, gmapping, hector_slam and navigation stack.

Some specs of the robot:

  • ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04 on Raspberry Pi
  • LiDAR Sensor Sick TIM
  • Differential drive with 6 motors (no encoders!)
  • Thunderborg motor controller

Thanks for your help!

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