rosdoc_lite and metapackages

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I'm trying to generate linked documentation for 2 packages within a metapackage. One of the packages is strictly msg and srv files and the other contains my C++ code. I'm able to generate html output with rosdoc_lite (using Doxygen) on the msg/srv package but I'm not having any luck using linking that generated documentation with Doxygen generated documentation in the other with tags.

General approach is:

  • In package 1

    run  "rosdoc_lite -o [output location] -t [tag file] [/path/to/package]"

    Documentation appears to be generated correctly

  • In package 2

    • Edit "Doxyfile":

      TAGFILES    = [path to tag file, relative to Doxyfile] = [path to linked documentation, relative to this package's generated documentation]
    • run doxygen

    Documentation appears correct, but with no links to package 1 documentation.

Is this the right approach, or is there a better way to handle metapackage documentation?

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