stereo_image_proc: rotate cameras

asked 2019-06-25 03:14:54 -0500

hachbani gravatar image


I'm trying to setup a stereovision system from two camera, so for that, I'm using stereo_image_proc node. In a first glance, I was getting a good disparity image, but the PointCloud i was getting was not in the right direction (It was on the top of my robot while the obstacle was in front of it). so changed the orientation of the camera's axis to match the description in the stereo_image_proc . Now, the pointcloud is good, but since I changed the orientation of the cameras, the images I'm getting are rotated, hence, the disparity image I'm getting is not correct.

I think I need a way to rotate the left and right images before publishing them to the stereo_image_pro node.

here's a link to my project:

Thnaks in advance, feel free to ask for any additional information

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