Could not get server version

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Ubuntu 16.04. Using mocap_optitrack and executing "roslaunch mocap_optitrack mocap.launch" after a few setup commands. However I get this spit back

[ WARN] : Could not get server version, using auto.

However then it gets stuck in a while loop in mocap_node that require server version data which is being returned as empty. Therefore initialization is never finished and nothing works.

I don't have much experience here so if there are any avenues to explore in fixing this it would be greatly appreciated. Also I'm pretty sure all my data is being streamed correctly but if you think its may not be let me know.

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Me too, I'm getting:

[ WARN] [1678628012.463674173]: Could not get server version, using auto
[ WARN] [1678628012.487252014]: Reconfigure callback failed with exception Failed to set socket option: EINVAL:
dolevfr gravatar image dolevfr  ( 2023-03-12 08:45:33 -0600 )edit