odom frame in case of "robot being moved by external motivators"

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this question has been asked in a different perspective here: LINK

The rep-0105 describes an example as

robot being moved by external motivators, or assumptions of a static environment. An example is a robot in an elevator, where the environment outside has changed between entering and exiting it.

Can someone explain me, in the aforementioned situation how should we set up (compute and broadcast) the /map and /odom frames that are connected with the base_link of the robot?

I tried this by creating the following tree of frames:

map (dummy link in URDF)
        link_3, etc..

Plus: i created an odom published to provide the odom topic for the navsat_transform_node. Currently this odom topic publisher is a fake topic publisher that publises zeros, i.e., (p 0,0,0; o 0,0,0,1).

But im a bit confused, it this the right way to solve the localization task in the "robot being moved by external motivators" situation?

(remark: I would like to work on only one map)

Thank you in advance.

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