odom frame in navsat_transform_node in case of quasi mobile platform

asked 2019-06-14 11:59:23 -0500

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(I read the REP105 multiple times, but could not figure out in the following particular case what is the role of the frames and how to set them up)

I have a robotic arm that is going to be attached to a mobile platform,

but this mobile platform is controlled independently, so 1) i cant influence its position and 2) i don't know basically the position of this mobile platform (no encoder feedback what mobile robots have).

I want to use GPS+IMU in order determine the pose of the base_link frame of my robotic arm. I'm learning about the robot_localization package + navsat_transform_node but i dont really understand what should be the odom frame in my case?

Currently i have only the following frames:

world (which is just an dummy/empty link)
  base link
      link_2, etc..

I don't have any /odom topic nor odom frame like mobile robots do.

Can you please explain in this particular case how should i extend the urdf in order to have an odom frame/topic that is required by the navsat_transform_node?

Thank you in advance.

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