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I want to simulate human shaving behaviour with a ur5 arm + a robotiq 2-finger gripper holding a shaver. The end goal of this project is to make the shaver move in circles like a human would do while shaving in circles (using mostly wrist movement).

Right now I can make the robot move in a 2D circle using the MoveIt python interface for planning a Cartesian path. The planning group is the total ur5 arm with the robotiq gripper as the end-effector group. Using mostly the shoulder and elbow joint the end-effector moves in circles.

However, I would like the movement to be more from the wrist joints of the robot. Therefore, I would like the shoulder and elbow joint to be "passive". If I set these joints as passive using the setup assistant, would this mean that the move group node plans a trajectory without using the shoulder and elbow joint?

Because if Iaunch:

$ roslaunch lau_moveit_config moveit_rviz.launch

(generated by the setup assistant of moveit) it plans and executes trajectories with all joints.

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