Rectifying stereo image under different names (using T265 Realsense Camera)

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I am using T265 Realsense camera and trying to use RTABMAP as my mapping method however, I need to rectify the images in order to use RTABMAP. But the topics from T265 produces different names to what's required for stereo_image_proc (I followed instructions on )

So I attempted to do so by running the following line.

rosrun stereo_image_proc stereo_image_proc /left/image_raw:=/camera/fisheye1/image_raw /left/camera_info:=/camera/fisheye1/camera_info /right/image_raw:=/camera/fisheye2/image_raw /right/camera_info:=/camera/fisheye2/camera_info

But I get the following warning and cannot run RTABMAP as a consequence.

[ WARN] [1556604016.216788650]: Started in the global namespace! This is probably wrong. Start stereo_image_proc in the stereo namespace.
Example command-line usage:
    $ ROS_NAMESPACE=my_stereo rosrun stereo_image_proc stereo_image_proc

Could you show me the right way of using different argument name to get the rectifiying right?

Thank you in advance.

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